Subbing for Karina; Nirkoda! Flyers

Subbing for Karina

This week, I'm subbing for Karina. I'll be teaching Kol Yom (for video, click here) and then playing your favorites to dance the night away. Typical format (beginners, teaching around 8:45, fruit set, 6 partner sets) — make sure to bring your requests!

Nirkoda! @Stanford Update

Well, I finally got flyers up for Nirkoda! You can download and print them from the Nirkoda! @Stanford page. I'm really excited, especially with the LUAU theme. I expect to see you guys in Hawaiian shirts, pooka shell necklaces, and grass skirts! Get ready for an awesome time everyone!


Thanks for coming, everyone! We had a great time.

Becky, we'll miss you. Best of everything in Israel!

-Aaron Alpert

There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them. ~Vicki Baum