Announcing Nirkoda! @Stanford; Subbing for Loui

First off, I'm very excited to announce the start of NIRKODA! @STANFORD. I'm going to be hosting an Israeli Dance party on Saturday nights at Stanford Hillel semi-regularly (about every 6 weeks). Details (and flyers and emails and Facebook invites and a dedicated page on this website) will be forthcoming, but for now, the tentative start date is October 6. There next two will be in early December and mid-January. It's an event you won't want to miss!

In other news, this week, Loui has left us to have a blast at the international folk dance camp in Stockton! I'll be filling in for her. The beginners are going to learn one of the classic line dances, Yoya (lyrics). After that, we have two new dances for the advanced class. First, a beautiful circle dance by Rafi Ziv called Shelo Ye'almu Hadvarim Hayafim. Don't let the relaxing song fool you; it has Rafi's typical energetic style underneath that exterior. Then, a partner dance by Avi Levy from 2007, called Yesh Rega'im. This is a favorite in the L.A. repertoire, so I'm happy we're going to be doing it in the Bay Area. Quick, cool turns, playful.