Camp Nirkoda Ba'Kerem

Camp Nirkoda Ba'Kerem 2019.
November 21-24, 2019.
Wonder Valley Ranch Resort, Sanger, California.
Yaron Malihi
Mitch Ginsburgh
Latishya Steele (DJ)
... and more

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What is Nirkoda Ba'Kerem?

Set in California's peaceful and verdent Central Valley, Nirkoda Ba'Kerem is all about community. Come join your friends — both those you've known for years and those you've yet to meet — for a fun-filled weekend of nonstop Israeli dancing located at the beautiful Wonder Valley Ranch Resort. We'll enjoy the benefits of California's famous vineyards by incorporating our signature wine tasting as part of the camp! (For those who prefer, there will be a non-alcoholic beverage tasting adventure.) Excellent wine and fantastic Israeli Dancing—what could be better?! Don't miss it!

Meet the Staff

Nirkoda Ba'Kerem 2017 staff

Yaron Malihi will be coming from Israel to share his infectious energy and friendly, outgoing personality. He's choreographed tons of wonderful dances such as Al Tishali, Hayom Haba, Derech Ha'shalom, Bocha Be'seter, Al Salsalim, Bein Arbayim, Metukim (with Dudu and Avi), K'sheat Rokedet, Ha'lailah Yesh Chagiga, Chatan Bar Mitzvah, Z'man Pitziot, Ad Haas's, Malach Sheli, and Shir Mehalev.

Mitch Ginsburgh is young, but he has already won the admiration of dancers across the United States at many different camps with his unique style and creativity. You're sure to love his exceptional talent and warmth. He choreographed Baba Kosmi, Op, Ansi Dize La Novia, Vilna Ga'on, Shenazuz, and more.

Latishya Steele is our DJ for the weekend, responsible for playing all your favorites, as well as camp-only specialties. Having danced and taught in Boston, Chicago, and the Bay Area, she has an incredibly deep repertoire and knows what everyone likes. With Latishya behind the computer, you won't want to stop dancing!

Aaron Alpert is your camp director and host for the weekend. His main job is to ensure that you're having an awesome time! Let me know about anything you need to make your Nirkoda Ba'Kerem experience perfect.

Housing Options and Prices

There are two types of housing: hotels (available in quad, double, and single occupancy configurations) and dorms. To find out all the details and see pictures, click the following link: hotel or dorm.

Housing Level Early bird
(fully paid by Sept. 21)
Student: Full-time enrolled, up to age 25, in dorms $320 $350
Dorm $400 $440
Hotel: quad occupancy $470 $520
Hotel: double occupancy $540 $59
Hotel: single occupancy $630 $690