Camp Nirkoda Ba'Kerem

Camp Nirkoda Ba'Kerem
Save the date: Oct. 29-Nov. 1, 2020
An Israeli dance and wine tasting adventure!
Wonder Valley Ranch Resort, Sanger, CA (near Fresno)

Wonder Valley Ranch Resort
Group photo from NBK 2019!

You can enjoy the dances taught at last year's camp! All of the music and videos are available on Google Drive.

Dance Choreographer Taught by Singer
Masa Tamir Shalev Mitch Ginsburgh Eliad Nachum
Achat Mikulan Yaron Malihi Yaron Malihi Yo'av Itzchak
Kum Kum Yaron Malihi Yaron Malihi A-wa
Me'ever Lanahar Gadi Bitton Mitch Ginsburgh Keren Peles, Ron Buchnik
Kama Yafim Mitch Ginsburgh Mitch Ginsburgh Limor Oved
Lechabek Otach Yaron Malihi Yaron Malihi Gil Vain
K'chi Et Libi Yaron Malihi Yaron Malihi Avihu Shabat
Ha'Kerem Gadi Bitton Aaron Alpert Ethnix
Lo Tamid Pashut Mitch Ginsburgh Mitch Ginsburgh Roei Labes