Special guest teacher in June - Sagi Azran!

Sagi Azran

I'm very excited to announce that SAGI AZRAN will be joining us as a special guest teacher on June 13, 2015. Sagi is originally from Israel but now lives in Los Angeles. He runs two weekly sessions, and this year started the fantastically successful MachoLA dance camp. He's also the the choreographer of two dances that we have quickly embraced as favorites — At K'mo Ha'ruach and Hi Lo At. Aside from that, he's an amazing and bubbly dances, so come join us for what's sure to be an incredibly fun night!

In other news, I'm adding a date for this year, July 18. I'm going to have to move the September date because I've been invited to a wedding that weekend. The new September date will be announced soon, along with the next 12 months of Nirkoda!