Latishya guest DJing on June 25

I will be teaching Israeli dance at Limmud Bay Area, so Latishya will be running the June 25, 2016, Nirkoda! session. Aside from being an accomplished dancers, which you all know, she performed, taught, and DJed in Boston before coming to the Bay Area. She's going to run a wonderful session, so make sure to be there!

Sept. 20 party - CANCELED

For the Labor Day weekend, I was at G'vanim (the dance camp in Pennsylvania) having a wonderful time... until I sprained my ankle! I went to the doctor, who told me that fortunately, I didn't fracture anything, but I did injure the deltoid ligament, which is a fairly serious sprain. I hate to do it, but given the circumstances, I'm canceling the Sept. 20 Nirkoda party. I hope to resume the published schedule with the Oct. 25 party, but I'll have to see what the orthopedist says. I'll keep you informed.


Themes for 2014!

Here are the themes for the rest of the 2014 parties...

  • June 21: Beach Party theme
  • July 12: Pirate theme
  • August 16: Nerd and Geek theme (for back-to-school)
  • September 20: Rosh Ha'shannah
  • October 25: Halloween theme
  • November 15: Superhero theme
  • December 13: Hanukkah theme

Staying in the Bay...

I hope you'll excuse a bit of self-indulgence on my part. A few of you know that over the past 7 months or so, I've been applying to various graduate schools, and some of those schools were not in other locations (L.A., Boston). There was a distinct possibility I would have to move and give up Nirkoda! Well, last Thursday, I accepted admission at Stanford, which means that I'll be staying in the Bay Area, and I plan to continue Nirkoda! on Saturday without any changes. I'll be setting up the rest of the 2014 dates and announcing them here, on Facebook, and via email. So, yalla!

L'shana Tovah U'Metuka

First of all, a very healthy and happy New Year to everyone! Best wishes for a year filled with joy and, of course, lots of dancing!

Quick reminder that the next Nirkoda! session is in just two weeks, on Sept. 21! It's sukkot themed. After that, the Halloween themed party is on Oct. 19.