Olympics Theme for Aug. 20, 2016, Party

It's been a while since we've had a theme at Nirkoda!, so this month, we're celebrating the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Wear something appropriate. For example...

  • A shirt with the Olympic rings
  • Something with a map of Brazil or Rio
  • The colors of one of the countries you're rooting for (e.g., USA or Israel)
  • A jersey or other uniform from your favorite sport (please, no speedos!)

Themes for 2014!

Here are the themes for the rest of the 2014 parties...

  • June 21: Beach Party theme
  • July 12: Pirate theme
  • August 16: Nerd and Geek theme (for back-to-school)
  • September 20: Rosh Ha'shannah
  • October 25: Halloween theme
  • November 15: Superhero theme
  • December 13: Hanukkah theme