Virtual Dance Sessions - Quarantine 2020

List of Virtual Dance Sessions

A few notes about this list of the virtual Israeli dance sessions going on in response to the COVID-19 quarantine... Some of our markidim have also done fitness, Yeahbit, yoga, interviews, or produced other great content, but I'm limiting this particular spreadsheet to dance sessions. I have made every effort to include all the ones I know about, but inevitably I've missed a few. Please email me to let me know what I missed. Sessions are listed in chronological order, with upcoming at the top and oldest at the bottom. The direct link for the spreadsheet is

Update Frequency

In general, I will try to post an update on Friday for the coming week (Sunday-Saturday). Sometimes, I am busy and may not post the update right away. Don't panic! If it's, say, Sunday, and nothing has been posted yet, just look at the previous Sunday, since most sessions happen at regularly at the same time every week.

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